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By Jeffrey Glassberg;Marc C. Minno;John V. Calhoun

Этот определитель позволяет с легкостью определять виды бабочек, встречающиеся в штате Флорида, используя фотографии бабочек в природных условиях, карты распространения и ключевые характеристики. Он снабжен информацией по времени лета и обилию в подразделении по five районам Флориды, а также описанием кормовых растений.
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These clearly embody a desire not merely to put such animals under human control and management but also to incorporate them into the culture of their owners and controllers. In 1856, at a time when Europe was particularly gripped by the Pharaohs, their rediscovered tombs under the pyramids, not to mention the deciphering of their hieroglyphs, Antwerp zoo, for instance, built an Egyptian temple whose walls were decorated with frescoes and bas-reliefs depicting scenes from ancient Egyptian arts to display its elephants, giraffes and camels.

2. Taming amounts to a fundamental change in the behaviour of the animal taken straight from the wild or whose ancestors belonged to the wild. This change, programmed and orchestrated by its human captors and keepers, is so profound that it can be said to amount to the first but crucial stage of domestication. As a result, the gap which zoo professionals and scientists perceive to exist between zoo animals on the one hand, and ordinary domesticated animals such as horses or cows on the other, may not be as great as it is made out to be.

Their reproduction is under their own control. Depending on the species, but generally speaking, the females are responsible for bringing up their young and initiating them into the way of life which is normal for the species to engage in. For example, the young will be taught to hunt if the species is carnivorous; to identify the right plants for foraging if the species is herbivorous; to learn about what constitutes danger; to get to know the terrain within its home range, and so on. Just to cite one example of such education: the mother orang-utan teaches her offspring, from its birth till the age of 7, a whole range of survival skills.

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