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The room is one of the gayest in the whole museum, with its rich reds and bright yellows, greens, and blues. ZAVWSA00\Desktop\Guitar\21-02-08\26-0... 2008/03/17 BURIED CITIES, Part 1, Pompeii Page 49 of 78 KITCHEN OF THE HOUSE OF THE VETTII. In this house the cook must have been in the kitchen, just ready to go to work when he had to flee. He left the pot on a tripod on a bed of coals, ready for use. You can see an arched opening underneath the fireplace. This was where the cook kept his fuel. The small size of the kitchens shows that the Pompeians were not great gluttons.

ZAVWSA00\Desktop\Guitar\21-02-08\26-0... 2008/03/17 BURIED CITIES, Part 1, Pompeii Page 44 of 78 IVORY HAIRPINS. Underneath are two ivory toilet boxes. One was probably for perfumed oil. ZAVWSA00\Desktop\Guitar\21-02-08\26-0... 2008/03/17 BURIED CITIES, Part 1, Pompeii Page 45 of 78 APPLIANCES FOR THE BATH. These were found hanging in a ring in one of the great public baths. You see a flask for oil, a saucer to pour the oil into, and four scrapers to scrape off the oil and dirt before a plunge.

Felix, in gratitude, had this portrait of his master cast in bronze. It stood on a marble pillar in the atrium of the house. ZAVWSA00\Desktop\Guitar\21-02-08\26-0... ZAVWSA00\Desktop\Guitar\21-02-08\26-0... Page 62 of 78 2008/03/17 BURIED CITIES, Part 1, Pompeii Page 63 of 78 BRONZE CANDLEHOLDER. It is the figure of the Roman God Silenus. He was the son of Pan, and the oldest of the satyrs, who were supposed to be half goat. Can you find the goat's horns among his curls? He was a rollicking old satyr, very fond of wine, always getting into mischief.

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