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They are most fortunate when they become the victims of the force of destruction which they themselves revolutions. have loosed, for martyrdom is infinitely preferable to life " in the limbo of historical might-have-beens ". That the Provisional Government had failed to grasp the gravity of the situation with which it was faced was clearly its early moves in foreign policy. st regime had causes principal been a deep-seated revulsion against the prolongation of an intolerable war. The whole tone of the early days of the demonstrated in March Revolution had been a glad revolt against the war, a grateful relief from the nightmare of two and a half " Peace, Bread, and Land ", had been inscribed upon years.

3 In the bitter in which were involved 1916, three struggle Lenin's followers did not they always share their leader's unwavering faith and singleness of vision. During 191tf there developed in Zurich the basis of those differences 1 Collected Works of Lenin (London, New York, 1930), xviii. , 1935), pp. 49, 79. a N. K. Krapskaya, Memories of Lenin (London, 1930), ii. 184. LENIN EXITS AND ENTEANCES 17 of opinion within the group which were to have such tremendous consequences later. Lenin and Trotsky were Trotsky's formula, "True national self-defence consists in the struggle for peace," seemed to already in conflict.

Turgid and hyperbolic of speech, impetuous of character, he was a man of extravagant " ambition and strange spiritual force. He filled his sails with the breath of his own restless fantasy, letting it bear him where it would," wrote one of his former " and at times he came very near to genuine colleagues, " hysteria x ! Such was the man who arose in a few short weeks from " in Prince the position of "a hostage of democracy Lvov's cabinet to be nominal ruler of All the Russias, " that brilliant publicly hailed by Mr.

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