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By Zhang Juan, Kevin Stuart et alii

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Empowerment and Atiyoga

This publication was once composed to aid Western scholars who're taking empowerments regularly. The booklet can pay recognition specifically to the which means of the fourth empowerment, which itself is the direct that means of Mahamudra and Maha Ati (Dzogpa Chenpo). It offers translations of the ritual texts used to offer key empowerments within the Nyingma approach and, particularly, provides the foundation empowerment textual content of the Longchen Nyingthig cycle of innermost Dzogchen.

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The "old" man trembled at the sound of a familiar voice. He looked at her and then lowered his head. "Tell me your name," Marjian said kindly. "My name is Poor Man," he answered. "No, you... you... " gasped Marjian and reached out to him, only to faint and fall at his feet. Saka asked in dismay, "Who is she? How does. " the young woman explained. Saka sho~k his wife and found that, in the excitement of the moment, she had died. " "I am her adopted daughter," the girl sobbed. " Saka asked. "She told me that it died just after it was born," she replied.

After they beat her again they drove her from the home to a snow-covered mountain. They said that her constant lying was an ill omen. They gave her only an old mare, an old bitch dog, and three goats. Arckshoton chanted incantations that brought heavy rains for seven days and nights. The brothers believed the rains would kill their sister. Sure that she was dead, they went up the mountain to view her corpse. When they reached the spot where they had left her they found, to their surprise, that all the·snow had melted, the mare had given birth to a healthy colt, the dog had birthed a puppy, and the goats had all given birth as well.

The mother took the demon's corpse to Evil Hill. Several days later when the demon did not return, the brothers decided they should kill the boy themselves. Gesar sensed what it was they intended to do and said, "Mother, my 'kind' uncles will visit me today. Put some ashes in my cradle. " Just as the mQther finished doing this, one uncle entered their home. "Well," he said, "I've come with food and clothing for my nephew. " As the "mother took the gifts she found that there was not enough meat to fill the gap between two teeth, the amount of butter was so small that it would fit into the palm of one hand, and the clothing was barely enough to wind around a child's thumb!

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