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Вслед за №№ 1-3 и № four журнала Blitzkrieg, посвященных начальному периоду 2-й Мировой, предлагаю Вашему вниманию № five - о провале блицкрига (бои под Сталинградом и на Украине).
Уникальные фотографии, в т.ч. цветные.

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The minefields were designed to channel the German tanks towards the anti-tank guns, and if they broke through one layer of defences there was another behind it. Soviet anti-tank mines were not as sophisticated or mechanically reliable as the German Tellermine. They often consisted of a demo- 63 BLITZKRIEG lition charge in a waterproof box with a simple mechanism like a VPF pull or MV-5 pressure switch. The pull or load that would operate these switches could be very small and consequently they might be set off by a man.

BLITZKRIEG LEFT: A disabled Panther - the tank w o u l d see its combat debut at Kursk but had many unresolved development problems. RIGHT: PzKpfw IVs l o a d e d on flat cars are moved eastwards. The turrets are fitted with stand-off armour as a protection against shaped charge w e a p o n s . BR (Flak 18) cannon. 2kg) bombs. When the SD-1 and SD-2 were dropped they opened at a pre-determined height and the smaller "bomblets" were scattered across the target area. The cutting edge of the attack by Army Group Centre would be the 9th Army under Model, while to the south Army Group South committed the 4th Panzerarmee under Colonel-General Hermann Hoth with Gruppe "Kempf covering its right flank.

The German plan drafted by General Kurt Zeitzler, Chief of the OKH, was not as ambitious as the offensives of 1941 and 1942. Hitler saw it as an operation that would give Germany psychological leverage after Stalingrad and "light a bonfire" that would impress the world and possibly intimidate the Soviet high command. It received a mixed reception from those senior officers who would be closely involved with its implementation. General Heinz Guderian, Inspector-General of Armoured BLITZKRIEG FIELD MARSHAL WALTHER O MODEL ne of the more talented Field Marshals of the Third Reich, Model was born in Genthin on January 2 4 1 8 9 1 .

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