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The editors of inventive Publishing, foreign, now carry you the booklet speedy learn: operating New twine. This quickly learn, excerpted from the best-selling The Black & Decker entire consultant to Wiring, fifth version, comprises step by step illustrated how-to details for fitting NM cable, conduit and surface-mounted wiring. if you want the remainder of the tale, search for The Black & Decker whole advisor to Wiring, fifth version.

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If you don’t have a fish tape, use a length of sturdy string and a lead weight or heavy washer. Drop the line into the stud cavity from above, then use a piece of stiff wire to hook the line from below. Use a flexible drill bit, also called a bell-hanger’s bit, to bore holes through framing in finished walls. How to Install NM Cable in Finished Ceilings If you don’t have access to a ceiling from above, you can run cable for a new ceiling fixture from an existing receptacle in the room up the wall and into the ceiling without disturbing much of the ceiling.

Fish the cable through the ceiling to the location of the new ceiling fixture. Conduit Electrical wiring that runs in exposed locations must be protected by rigid tubing called conduit. For example, conduit is used for wiring that runs across masonry walls in a basement laundry and for exposed outdoor wiring. THHN/THWN wire (page 30) normally is installed inside conduit, although UF or NM cable can also be installed in conduit. There are several types of conduit available, so check with your electrical inspector to find out which type meets code requirements in your area.

You can now restore the power and test your new receptacle. 473 (lmp. 946 (lmp. 785 (lmp. 114 (lmp. 057 (lmp. 264 (lmp. 1 Converting Temperatures Convert degrees Fahrenheit (F) to degrees Celsius (C) by following this simple formula: Subtract 32 from the Fahrenheit temperature reading. Then mulitply that number by 5/9. For example, 77°F - 32 = 45. 45 × 5/9 = 25°C. To convert degrees Celsius to degrees Fahrenheit, multiply the Celsius temperature reading by 9/5, then add 32. For example, 25°C × 9/5 = 45.

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