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Many scientists have reported that biofuel vehicles run more cleanly than petroleum- or diesel-based cars. Cars that run on an 85 percent ethanol blend, E85, pollute the air less than fossil fuel vehicles. According to the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Institute, E85 reduces nitrogen and carbon monoxide emissions. These are smog-producing gases. Another benefit of E85 is that its main ingredient, ethanol, is nontoxic, water soluble, and biodegradable. This makes E85 spills significantly less environmentally harmful than gasoline or diesel.

Cattlenetwork, “NCGA: New Research Confirms Ethanol’s Growing Energy Efficiency,” September 24, 2008. com. Cattlenetwork provides cattle and agriculture industry news. 43 Biofuels “ Compared to conventional diesel fuel, the use of biodiesel results in an overall reduction of smog-forming emissions from particulate matter, unburned hydrocarbons, and carbon monoxide. org. Energy Future Coalition is an organization dedicated to promoting clean energy. “ The real driver for clearing Brazil’s precious forest is cash for wood.

Ethanol] has environmental drawbacks, including ‘markedly greater’ releases of nitrogen, phosphorous and pesticides into waterways as runoff from corn fields,”12 reports H. Josef Hebert of the Associated Press. Farmers also use large amounts of water to grow biofuel crops. One study estimates that if half of the world’s fossil fuel use was replaced with biofuels, the biofuel crops would need up to 2,879 extra cubic miles (12,000 cu. km) of water a year. This could create water shortages and dry up nearby lands.

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