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In ten minutes four valises were lying in the hall. Final arrangements for departure were made, after which, Biggles, with the others beside him, took up a position at the window overlooking the street. The seller of newspapers was still there, at the same place, selling an occasional paper when accosted; but for the most part he seemed content to sit on his box, a rough deal case about two feet square which looked like an "empty" from a grocer's shop. At six o'clock precisely a taxi cruised down the street and came to a stop under the window.

The only way such a beast can be killed is by giving it the iron straight between the eyes. To destroy the thing you must destroy the brain. But how is that to be done when not even the arms know where the brain is hidden? Be sure that the brain keeps well in the background. It knows how to protect itself. An organizaation such as the one we must now try to visualize has its spies everywhere, in the highest places as well as the lowest. They warn the brain of danger every time the law moves in the right direction.

Page 44 Tug swung his cab across the street, sprang out, picked up the box—which appeared to be heavier than he expected— threw it into the taxi, returned to his wheel and drove on. "Don't stop for anybody," commanded Biggles. This was no casual remark, for people were running towards the scene, including a policeman, blowing his whistle. Tug pushed aside the glass panel between him and those behind. " Where to ? " he inquired. "Delmar, Herts," answered Biggles. " " Okay, chief," flashed Tug. The cab shot into a side street.

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