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Indo-European and the Indo-Europeans: A Reconstruction and Historical Analysis of a Proto-Language and a Proto-Culture: Part II: Bibliography, Indexes (Trends in Linguistics: Studies and Monographs)

The authors propse a revision of perspectives on a couple of primary problems with Indo-European reports. according to findings of typology, they recommend an research of the phonological procedure of Proto-Indo-European (the "glottalic" theory); they give novel assumptions concerning the relative chronology of alterations in PIE vowels and laryngeals.

A brief history of the circumnavigators

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The British Empire: A History and a Debate

What was once the direction and final result of the British Empire? The rights and wrongs, strengths and weaknesses of empire are an enormous subject in international background, and deservedly so. concentrating on the main well known and wide-ranging empire in international historical past, the British empire, Jeremy Black presents not just a historical past of that empire, but in addition a viewpoint from which to contemplate the problems of its strengths and weaknesses, and rights and wrongs.

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Laughter] That's what comes of Ensigns ! [More laughter] 20 Part I Transcript of Question and Answer Session SAMMET: I don't know whether it' s Ensigns or Harvard­ HoPPER: They· re both still in the industry ! SAMMET: A question from Aaron Finerman of SONY at Stony Brook: Should not the Harvard group working on Mark I be given more credit for the development of program­ ming and programming languages? There are few references to this group in the literature. HOPPER: Yes, they should be . That was back in the days before there was much publica­ tion.

Of course I'd love to have one right now ! One reason we didn't build three-address machines was along about then out came core storage and the whole aim became to shorten the word length so that it wouldn't cost too much to put the drivers on the core, and all of the manufacturers devoted their time and effort convincing us that we wanted single address, character-oriented machines. Now that we no longer have core storage, I hope we will break out of that restriction. It doesn't make sense anymore .

In the above discussion of attitudes about "automatic programming" in 1954 I have mentioned only those actual systems of which my colleagues and I were aware at the time . 2. T h e Economics o f Programming Another factor which influenced the development of FORTRAN was the economics of programming in 1954. The cost of programmers associated with a computer center was usually at least as great as the cost of the computer itself. ) In addition, from one-quarter to one-half of the computer' s time was spent in debugging.

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