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This publication will express you the variation among creating a robotic circulate and creating a robotic imagine. utilizing Mindstorms EV3 and LeJOS―an open resource undertaking for Java Mindstorms projects―you’ll methods to create synthetic Intelligence on your bot. Your robotic will methods to challenge resolve, how you can plan, easy methods to examine, and the way to speak. alongside the way in which, you’ll find out about classical AI algorithms for educating the right way to imagine, algorithms so that you can then observe in your personal robot inspirations. If you’ve ever desired to find out about robot intelligence in a pragmatic, playful approach, starting Robotics Programming in Java with LEGO Mindstorms is for you. What you’ll examine construct your first LEGO EV3 robotic step by step set up LeJOS and its firmware on Lego EV3 Create and add your first Java application into Lego EV3 LeJOS API capabilities Java Programming for vehicles Robotics habit Programming with Sensors universal AI Algorithms like DFS, BFS, and Dijkstra’s set of rules Java Multithreading Programming with Lego EV3 Who this e-book is for college students, academics, and makers with easy Java programming event who are looking to how you can practice man made Intelligence to a realistic robot approach. desk of Contents creation to Lego Mindstorms and leJOS creation to Motor Sensors Controlling Wheeled cars Coordinators and Navigator API Depth-First seek set of rules and Its Implementation with Lego EV3 Breadth-First seek and Its Implementation with Lego Mindstorms Hill-Climbing seek and Its Implementation with Lego Mindstorms Dijkstra’s set of rules and Its Implementation with Lego Mindstorms The A* seek set of rules and Its Implementation with Lego Mindstorms Introducing the contact Sensor and Ultrasonic Sensor Introducing the sunshine Sensor and colour Sensor creation to behaviour Programming Multithreading Programming with Java leJOS

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DrawString("Tacho Read: " + count, 0, 0); // wait for motor to actually stop and display // tacho count. clear(); } } 32 CHAPTER 2 ■ INTRODUCTION TO MOTOR SENSORS After running the above program, you will find two numbers printed on the LCD screen. The two numbers are different. The first number displays what the tachometer reading was when the stop() method was called. The second number is higher than the first, however. This is because the motor does not stop immediately when the stop() method is called, due to the motor's inertia.

Enter HelloWorld in the name field, as shown in Figure 1-26. Eclipse will also offer other options, such as automatically adding a main() method. Check this if you want Eclipse to do some of the typing for you. CHAPTER 1 ■ INTRODUCTION TO LEGO MINDSTORMS AND LEJOS Figure 1-26. Add a class in the new leJOS EV3 project 5. Click the Finish button when you are done. You should see a new class file with some starter code. Enter the HelloWorld code that follows into the file. waitForAnyPress(); } } 6.

3. Wait till the tachometer count reaches 720. 4. Stop the motor. 5. Display the tachometer reading on the LCD. 6. Wait until the motor has actually stopped. 7. Display the tachometer reading again on the LCD. 8. Wait for a button press to give you time to record the screen display. Due to the inertia of the motors, you will find out that the motor does not stop immediately after you call the method stop(). New methods used in this program include those shown in Table 2-2: Table 2-2. Methods Used in Tachometer Class Method Function EV3LargeRegulatedMotor getTachoCount () Gets the motor angle in number of degrees.

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