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"Be Sober and moderate" offers with the theological and scientific critique of enthusiasm within the 17th and early eighteenth centuries, and with the connection among enthusiasm and the recent ordinary philosophy in that interval. Enthusiasm at the moment was once a label ascribed to numerous participants and teams who claimed to have direct divine idea prophets, millenarists, alchemists, but in addition experimental philosophers, or even philosophers like Descartes. The booklet makes an attempt to mix the views of highbrow heritage, Church background, historical past of medication, and heritage of technological know-how, in analysing some of the reactions to enthusiasm. The vital thesis of the publication is that the response to enthusiasm, specially within the Protestant global, could provide one vital key to the origins of the Enlightenment, and to the approaches of secularization of ecu consciousness."

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Gallen which Bullinger, as we have seen above, used in his debate with the Anabaptists. Significandy, he called Thomas "the mad prophet", a term which does not appear in Bullinger's text. Spanheim includes the story in his second chapter, where he deals with the various writers (including Bullinger) who wrote against the Anabaptists, not in the chapter dealing with "enthusiasm" per se. See Englands Warning by Germanies Woe, pp. 10-11. 33 Johannes Hoornbeek, Summa Controversiarum Religionis (first edition, Utrecht 1653, amended and enlarged edition, 1658; I have used the Frankfort 1697 edition).

64. 73 "Charismata ordinaria Spiritus Sancti in fidelibus expressitjoël vocabulis propketia, visionum et somniorum, propter affinitatem quae intercedit inter lumen propheticum et lumen fidei, quod oritur à Spiritu saptientiae et revelationis Eph. 17. et per quod sumus omnes edocti à Deo Joh. 6. v. " Antirrheticus, p. 64. 76 Like Maresius, he regarded the "prophesying" of the Corinthians as common and ordinary in nature. 77 More difficult was the question of the nature of such prophesying, its mode of operation, and by whom it was carried out.

Therefore, claims to new direct divine inspiration could by no means be legitimized on the basis of Scripture. The "sufficiency of Scripture", and the "cessation of miracles" were common themes in Protestant polemics against the Roman Catholics. They were no less relevant against the "enthusiasts" who claimed to perform miracles and to have extraordinary gifts of the spirit like "speaking in tongues". "By the Fruits you shall know them" No less important than doctrine, or the legitimacy of the enthusiasts' claims to direct divine inspiration, were the effects of their preaching.

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