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By Baron Burkard Von Mullenheim-Rechberg, Jack Sweetman

This publication chronicles the quick lifestyles and violent finish of the nice German capitol send Bismarck.

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A. G. Troup, a rather taciturn Scot, was responsible for liaison with the accredited naval attachés. His assistant in this duty was the cosmopolitan, suave Commander Casper S. B. Swinley, who handled the day-to-day business of liaison. ” At that time no German naval officer had to be told who Lady Tellicoe was. But that was long ago, so I should explain that she was the widow of Admiral of the Fleet Lord Tellicoe, who died in 1935. Lord Jellicoe commanded the British Grand Fleet at the Battle of Jutland in May 1916 and was later First Sea Lord.

He served as a range-finder officer in the Königsberg and in her sister, the Karlsruhe, thus beginning a career in gunnery. (Photograph from the author’s collection). Before going to my new duty, however, I took a short leave. In the quiet of an Upper Bavarian health resort, where visitors were few in wartime, my thoughts continually wandered back, whether I wanted them to or not, to the moving months I had spent in London, only a year earlier. What changes had taken place in Anglo-German relations since then, so completely at variance with my hopes and wishes!

Among the foreigners I must mention by name is first of all the Briton Donald C. Campbell. During the final phase of the battle on 27 May 1941 Campbell was a senior lieutenant and air defense officer on HMS Rodney. His personal narrative makes fascinating reading. Others furnished details regarding various phases of the Bismarck’s operations, such as, for example, our meeting with the Swedish aircraft carrier Gotland in the Kattegat on 20 May 1941, the voyage up the Norwegian coast, the dummy ships intended to deceive us in Scapa Flow, the location of the Bismarck by British direction finding after the loss of contact on 25 May, and the British destroyer attacks on the Bismarck the night before the last battle.

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