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By Robert A Watkins

This 3rd quantity within the conflict shades sequence makes a speciality of the unit insignia and tactical airplane markings of the ninth USAAF within the eu Theater of Operations in the course of international warfare II. All strive against parts assigned to the 9th AAF within the united kingdom from 1943-45 are incorporated: fighter, troop provider, bombardment, reconnaissance, evening fighter and liaison devices. Squadron fuselage codes and popularity colours are proven inside of their respective sections and contain maps with chronological directory and dates of every devices assigned stations. Camouflage paint schemes with diagrams displaying executive requirements for the professional placement of insignia and tactical markings for all significant USAAF wrestle plane within the ETO also are coated.

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Many of the P-4Ts within this group, however, did display a quite impressive assortment of well designed and executed nose art which unfortunately falls outside the scope and confines of this text. MemburyAlF AAF Station 466 Munster IHand01fAIF AAF Station Y--94 Thruxton AlF AAF Station 407 AschAIF AAF Station Y--29 St. [iffi ( r ,.. : : I~ ; ASSJGNED 9'{H r (" t' (" ,. t" ~ ,. (' f" ,. (" (' ~ : USAAF /MARClt I (' t r" t" ~ ,. , 19~4 " .. ('" f" t" 392 D FIGHTER SQUADRON ~=:::===iI LL SIGN 'NOBHOLE' 393 D FIGHTER SQUADRON .

R 380TH FIGHTER SQUADRON 381 ST FIGHTER SQUADRON 382 D FIGHTER SQUADRON 32 363d Fighter Group: Insignia / Markings: Motto: unknown Sobriquet: unknown 'ampaign Streamers: ir Offensive, Europe; Normandy; Northern France; Rhineland; Ardennes-Alsace; Central Europe. nit Decorations: Older of the Day, Belgian Army: 1-0ct-44, 18-Dec-44 thru 15-Jan-45, Belgian Fourragere. Overseas Combat Commanders: Col. John R, Ulricson, 5-Jun-43 Col. James B. Col. James M. l28 Rivenhall, Essex; Jan-44 0,418 Staplehurst, Kent; Apr-44 A-15 Maupertus, Basse Normandie; 4-Jul-44 A-7 Azeville, Basse Normandie; Aug-44 A-35 Le Mans, Pay-de-la-Loire; Sep-44 (Refer to pages 134-135 for additional duty stations as the redesignated 363d Tactical Reconnaissance Group) Combat Operations: 23-Feb-44 - 3-Sep-44 Group Insignia: unknown; officially replaced 16-Jun-52 Squadron Insignia: 380th FS; unknown 381st FS; unknown 382d FS; unknown Squadron Codes: 380th FS - A9 • 381 st - B3 • 382d FS - C3 Squadron Colors: 380th FS - Blue 371 st FS - Yellow 383d FS - Red Aircraft Markings: Squadron colors were adopted by the 363rd but the use of these colors as tactical markings were confined to the propeller spinner and the forward 12 inches of the engine cowling.

Col. Robert C. 408 Beaulieu, Hampshire; 5-Mar-44 A-7 Azeville, Basse Normandie; 28-Jun-44 'IA_12 Lignerolles, Basse Normandie; 2-Jul-44 A-48 Bretigny, I1e-de-France; 3-Sep-44 A-68 Juvincourt, Champagne-Ardenne; l5-Sep-44 A-84 Chievres, Province de Hainaut; 4-0ct-44 Y-34 Mentz, Lorraine; 27-Dec-44 A-78 Florennes/Juzaine, Province de Namur; 30-Jan-45 Y-46 Aachen, Nordrhein-Westphalia; l6-Mar-45 Y-86 Fritzlar, Hessen; 13-Apr-45 1) recsmnaissance detachment only Group Insignia: officially replaced 6-0ct-54 Although not officially approved, the Hell Hawks group insignia was widely used within all three squadrons of this unit.

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