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By Natalie Bell, Thomas M. Armstrong

In the Segregated Deep South, while Lynching and Klansmen and Jim Crow legislation governed, there stood a line of foot infantrymen able to sacrifice their lives for the ideal to vote, to go into rooms marked 'White Only,' and to reside with easy dignity. They have been referred to as Freedom Riders, and Thomas M. Armstrong used to be certainly one of them. this is often his story.

Autobiography of a Freedom Rider info Armstrong's burning have to create social swap for his fellow black voters. This richly woven memoir, which lines again to his great-grandparents as freed slaves, examines the background of the Civil Rights flow, the devastating own repercussions Armstrong continued for being a champion of these rights, the candy flavor of revolutionary development some time past fifty years, and a glance forward on the paintings nonetheless to be done.

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He’d built an entire legal practice on trying to defeat it. Mehri acknowledged that the overt racial discrimination of King’s day had largely receded, but he believed it had given way to a more subtle, often covert, sometimes subconscious form of discrimination that infected America more deeply than most people knew or were willing to admit. Mehri targeted this “second-generation” discrimination in the workplace, where he believed it ran rampant, through representing employees in racial discrimination suits against their employers.

For years commentators had lamented the lack of diversity among NFL head coaches and called for change. And to the 18 Advancing the Ball NFL’s credit, it had attempted to improve on that front through various programs over the years. Still, the League’s teams rarely hired African American head coaches, and it seemed to Mehri that the inequitable treatment prevailed not only at the hiring stage but, for those few who attained head coaching positions, also at the firing stage. First, there was Shell’s experience.

Dungy, in contrast, coached the Buccaneers for five straight nonlosing seasons, established a tradition of excellence, and was fired. The double standard Dungy faced could not have been more glaring. The Buccaneers fired Dungy’s predecessors, all white, for losing. They fired Dungy even though he won. Although Dungy had not captured the League’s ultimate prize, a Super Bowl championship, surely he merited more time at the helm. After reading of Green’s dismissal, Mehri had stewed for a few hours, then put the matter behind him and returned to his work.

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