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Jones had no idea that ‘A’ Company was fighting hard for control of the buildings he went around. Inside west Courseulles, Shawcross thought his men were doing pretty well despite their small number. They were closing on the last buildings. Should be done soon, he thought. Then ‘A’ Company started to be fired on from buildings behind them. Buildings that were almost back at the beach. Lieutenant Grayson grabbed three men and headed back. Germans had reoccupied the pillbox and were firing a heavy machine gun from it.

As the ramps went down, the men saw they faced five thirty-foot-square reinforced concrete blockhouses with numerous machine-gun positions between them in concrete strongpoints among the sand dunes. Rifleman Jake Miller’s platoon was dropped fifty yards from the beach in chest-deep water. Men started getting hit by bullets all around him. They just sank beneath the waves. Lieutenant Rod Beattie went down in calf-deep water with a bullet in his spine. Miller threw himself in front of his platoon commander, lifted his Lee Enfield and fired several rounds at a firing slit in a nearby pillbox.

All the noise in the world, he thought. Suddenly something started whacking the steel hull. Fulton realized it was German rifle and machine-gun fire. “Then you’d see a big spout of water come up, and it dawned on me it was artillery fire and this wasn’t going to be a surprise. ” To the east, the Queen’s Own and North Shores led the way to the beach. The Fort Garry Horse DD tanks trailed because of the decision to take them virtually to the sand aboard the LCTs. Charlie Martin realized he could no longer see the thousands of ships out to sea.

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