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By Jacques Pitrat

This booklet demonstrates that not just is it attainable to create entities with either realization and moral sense, yet that these entities show them in methods diversified from our personal, thereby displaying a brand new form of realization.
Chapter 1 providing the Actors (pages 1–20):
Chapter 2 recognition and moral sense (pages 21–34):
Chapter three What Does “Itself” suggest for a synthetic Being? (pages 35–65):
Chapter four a few features of recognition (pages 67–104):
Chapter five Why is Auto?observation helpful? (pages 105–141):
Chapter 6 easy methods to detect Oneself (pages 143–172):
Chapter 7 The sense of right and wrong (pages 173–194):
Chapter eight imposing a judgment of right and wrong (pages 195–218):
Chapter nine round the moral sense (pages 219–235):
Chapter 10 what's the destiny for CAIA? (pages 237–238):

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This is due to a mother being pregnant with fraternal twins, but one of them was absorbed by the other during pregnancy. However, some parts of the remaining twin have kept the DNA of the other one. As this anomaly does not seem to lead to abnormal behavior, we can consider that there is only one individual. There is another situation where the notion of individual is not clear: when a subject has severe epileptic seizures, it has been found that they disappear when a surgeon cuts the corpus callosum in the brain, which contains many nerve fibers connecting both hemispheres.

At present, we consider that they have absolutely no rights, but this point of view could change when the day comes that their performance improves considerably. However, we can also see Consciousness and Conscience 29 another kind of repercussion, this time not on the dignity of the artificial beings, but on the dignity of human beings. This will happen with the sexual use of robots: even if we consider that they have no rights, it is likely that the authorities of some human societies will not accept any kind of sexual relations between a human being and a robot.

In this situation, it is evidently not conscious, but when it is running it is always conscious in that meaning, except when it happens to be in an infinite loop. When an artificial being is in such a loop, its processes execute billions of instructions, always the same, but none of them is in a module where it can observe what it is doing. That may last for ever, but we will see later that CAIA can break these loops. Naturally, as long as the system is in a loop, it is not conscious according to this meaning.

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