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By Ramachandra Guha

'Inside each considering there's a Gandhian and a Marxist suffering for supremacy', says Ramachandra Guha within the commencing sentence of this splendidly readable ebook of rules, evaluations and reflections. a considerable component of the publication expands in this salvo: it analyses Gandhians and psuedo-Gandhians, Marxists and anti-Marxists, Nehruvians and anti-secularists, democrats and Stalinists, scientists and historians, environmentalists and cricketers - briefly all those that contain the highbrow lifetime of pondering Indians this day.

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A "law" in science has no resemblance to a law of the courts ; it is simply a short statement that best sums up all the observations made in a certain field. Certainly today Bayliss and Starling's statement does not sum up a hundredth part of what has been learned in the last forty years about the normal bowel of several species of animals. But, curiously, the "law" didn't work well even when it was first enunciated. If the student will turn to the articles written by the few men who studied the phenomenon years ago, he will be surprised to find frank admissions to the effect that the law was hard to demon- POLARITY OF THE SMALL BOWEL 41 strate, that i t was often absent, and often reversed !

Furthermore, Bayliss and Starling admitted that their technic could be objected to because the bowel is not normal when it has been opened for the insertion of a balloon. With this I heartily agree. Magnus ( 1 9 04\ p. " In some animals he got inhibition above and below. Langley and Magnus (p. 46) also had considerable diffi­ culty in trying to show the law. They said : "It must be noticed that although inhibition below a point stimulated was so frequently ob- 42 INTRODUCTION TO GASTRO-ENTEROLOGY tained, it was in any one experiment, which lasted two to three hours, very inconstant ; at one time the inhibition would be marked and at another absent, and the period during which one or the other state FIG.

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