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By Steve Loughran

This moment version of a Manning bestseller has been revised and re-titled to slot the 'In motion' sequence by means of Steve Loughran, an Ant venture committer. Ant in Action introduces Ant and the way to exploit it for test-driven Java software improvement. Ant itself is relocating to v1.7, an important revision, on the finish of 2006 so the timing for the booklet is correct. A unmarried program of accelerating complexity, during the ebook, exhibits how an program evolves and the way to deal with the issues of establishing and trying out. Reviewers have praised the book's assurance of large-projects, Ant's complicated good points, and the main points and intensity of the discussion-all unavailable elsewhere.

it is a significant revision with the second one half the booklet thoroughly new, including:

  • How to control giant initiatives
  • Library administration
  • Enterprise Java
  • Continuous integration
  • Deployment
  • Writing new Ant projects and datatypes

buy of the print ebook comes with a proposal of a unfastened PDF, ePub, and Kindle book from Manning. additionally to be had is all code from the book.

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The only targets that Ant supports are similar to Make’s phony targets: targets that are not files and exist only in the build file. The dependencies of these targets are other targets. You omit file dependencies, along with any file conversion rules. Instead, the Ant build file states the stages used in the process. While you may name the input or output files, often you can use a wildcard or even a default wildcard to specify the source files. class" /> Both the and tasks will compare the sources and the destinations and decide which to compile or add to the archive.

When executing a target, all its dependents must execute first. 1 shows the build file for this typical build process. 1 is likely to have some confusing pieces to it, it should be mostly comprehensible to a Java developer new to Ant. For example, packaging (target name="package") depends on the successful javac compilation and javadoc documentation (depends="compile,doc"). } notation used in the FTP task (). That indicates use of Ant properties, which are values that can be expanded into strings.

In normal projects, the build file will be a lot smaller than the source, and not the other way around. 7 STEP ZERO: CREATING THE PROJECT DIRECTORY Before doing anything else, create an empty directory. Everything will go under here: source files, created output files, and the build file itself. All new Java/Ant projects should start this way. Our new directory, firstbuild, will be the base directory of our first project. We then create some real Java source to compile. println(args[i]); } } } The fact that this program does nothing but print the argument list is unimportant; it’s still Java code that we need to build, package, and execute—work we will delegate to Ant.

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