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This is a correct attribution; for the so-called "Laws of Nature," and likewise the forms in which these may be embodίed (all of which are the work of Hod), are contingent upon the natural forces themselves. t In Biblical descriptions there is a perhaps deliberate avoidance of detail as to the Kerubic form, which is that of a winged human-headed bull not unlike the huge shapes represented in Assyrian sculpture. " "Adam," then, is man projected into the material world, at the conclusion of the Path of the Sword; he must ful l y complete the involutionary process before he is permi t t ed to reascend, just as mystics frequently have to tell the immature would-be disciple that flight from the world is not for him until life's lessons have been learned.

For magical purposes it is pronounced as YAHVEH, as YOD HEH VAU ΗΕΗ, or is expressed by the Greek word TETRAGRAMMATON, signifying simply a Word of Four Syllables. In the present case for instance it would be entirely a matter for personal decision, whether to pronounce YAHVEH ELOHIM, YOD ΗΕΗ VAU ΗΕΗ ELOHIM, or TETRAGRAMMATON ELOHIM. The word TETRAGRAMMATON was much honoured in medieval magick, and affords an interesting example of the way in which a word, intended in the first place as a substitute for a Name of Power, becomes a Name of Power itself.

When we come to the Sephίroth of the Manifest Powers, the situation is clearer: the nature of each Sephirah associates it with a particular type of magical working. Chesed, the Sphere of Jupiter, is particularly the Sephirah of the merciful and peaceful King, Priest and Lawgiver. By rites of this Sephirah we celebrate the deific powers of fatherhood and of the heavens: Zeus or, equally, his brother Poseidon, or the Etruscan Tinia. Operations concerned with mercy or prosperity, the interests of the defendant in legal matters, the responsibilities of civic leadership, all show forth varίous aspects of this sphere.

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