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By Kendra Coulter

Interweaving human-animal experiences, exertions theories and study, and feminist political economic system, Coulter develops a special research of the accomplishments, complexities, difficulties, and chances of multispecies and interspecies labor.

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Such emotion work is seen as central to creating an environment that is as supportive as possible, not one that magnifies sorrow through the visible sadness of staff. A focus on precision and accuracy is another strategy used by workers (Birke, Arluke, and Michael 2007; DeMello 2010). People work to ensure that the fatal needle is administered as correctly as possible to minimize the animals’ pain and stress, for example, and emphasize the need to fully follow proper procedure 40 ANIMALS, WORK, AND THE PROMISE OF INTERSPECIES SOLIDARITY in all instances.

In this process, the content and tone of speech, eye contact, touch, visual and physical assessments, gestures, posture, body position, and other senses can all become involved (what some social theorists call affect). At the same time, people may communicate with animals unintentionally, as elevated heart rates, anxiousness, and other such physical signs can be understood by animals and betray our true feelings, which can in turn shape how animals feel. In a horse stable, workers who have developed communication skills can read how horses are feeling based on how they behave and look.

The median income in a wealthy country like Canada, for example, is around $30,000 per year for individuals and $70,000 for families (Statistics Canada 2011b). This means that half of workingage Canadian people and families earn less than these amounts. At the same time, volunteers may lose interest, be unable to continue, or only have a few hours to dedicate. In workplaces with a mix of paid and unpaid workers, there are also implications for waged employees’ workloads, as they are responsible for coordinating, supervising, and monitoring volunteers’ work.

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