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Written by means of major kid's authors and compiled in session with best literacy specialists, DK Readers are an leading edge variety of graded readers combining a hugely visible technique with tales that kids probably want to learn. Animals at domestic takes a hot and fuzzy examine the houses of animals-from bird's nests and beaver resorts to turtle shells and beehives.

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Ron Austing tl.

Trees are homes for many animals. Birds make nests in the branches. Squirrels build homes called dreys in the tree trunk. drey 28 Insects live in the bark or on the leaves. Badgers build burrows called setts among the roots. 29 We are not the only ones who live in our dry, cozy houses. Bats may sleep in the attic. Tiny bugs live in the carpets and the furniture. We all want a warm home with food nearby. 30 31 Glossary Cocoon a silk-wrapped case made by an insect Drey a squirrel’s nest Lodge a beaver’s home Shell a hard covering on an animal’s back Web a spider’s home, made from its silk 32 Index attic 30 burrow 13, 20, 29 cells 10, 23 cocoons 18, 19, 32 compost heaps 24 dreys 28, 32 hive 22, 23 houses 30 leaves 24 lodges 14, 15, 32 logs 24 mound 8 nest 5, 6, 10, 28 setts 29 shells 4, 16, 32 tide pools 26 trees 7, 28 tunnel 9, 13 warren 5 webs 20, 21, 32 READERS My name is I have read this book Date ✔ READERS Where do animals live?

DK READERS Stunning photographs combine with lively illustrations and engaging, age-appropriate stories in DK READERS, a multilevel reading program guaranteed to capture children’s interest while developing their reading skills and general knowledge. Learning to read Beginning to read • High-frequency words • Picture word strips, picture glossary, and simple index • Labels to introduce and reinforce vocabulary • High level of adult participation helpful • Simple sentences and limited vocabulary • Picture glossary and simple index • Adult participation helpful • Longer sentences and increased vocabulary Beginning • Information boxes full of extra fun facts to read alone • Simple index • Occasional adult participation helpful • More complex sentence structure Reading • Information boxes and alphabetical glossary alone • Comprehensive index Proficient readers • Rich vocabulary and challenging sentence structure • Additional information and alphabetical glossary • Comprehensive index With DK READERS, children will learn to readÑthen read to learn!

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