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This e-book offers with the optimization-based joint layout of the transmit and obtain filters in MIMO broadcast channel during which the person terminals might be outfitted with numerous antenna components. additionally, the utmost functionality of the procedure within the excessive energy regime in addition to the set of all possible quality-of-service standards is analyzed.

First, a basic duality is derived that holds among the MIMO broadcast channel and digital MIMO a number of entry channel. This duality build makes it possible for the effective answer of difficulties initially posed within the broadcast channel within the twin area the place a very likely hidden convexity can usually be printed.

On the root of the demonstrated duality consequence, the gradient-projection set of rules is brought as a device to unravel restricted optimization difficulties to worldwide optimality less than sure stipulations. The gradient-projection software is then utilized to fixing the weighted sum expense maximization challenge that is a principal optimization that arises in any community application maximization.

In the excessive energy regime, an easy characterization of the received functionality turns into attainable considering the weighted sum price software converges to an affine asymptote within the logarithmic energy area. we discover closed shape expressions for those asymptotes which permits for a quantification of the asymptotic cost loss that linear transceivers need to face with recognize to soiled paper coding.

In the final half, we solution the elemental query of feasibility in quality-of-service dependent optimizations with inelastic site visitors that includes strict hold up constraints. lower than the idea of linear transceivers, now not each set of quality-of-service standards can be possible making the ability minimization challenge with given decrease certain constraints at the expense for instance infeasible in those situations. We derive a whole description of the quality-of-service feasibility sector for arbitrary channel matrices.

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Synopsis: Any stream-wise MSE tuple and any SINR tuple that is feasible in the MIMO BC with linear filtering can also be achieved in the dual MIMO MAC with linear transceivers and the same transmit power. If the noise covariance matrix in this dual MAC is the identity matrix, the MAC channels H 1 , . . , H K follow from the BC channels via − 1 ,H H k = H kBC,H C ηk2 ∀k. 2 Mean Square Error Duality for Linear Transceivers 31 The precoding and equalizer filter for the jth data stream of user k in the dual MAC read as 1 ,H t k, j = ψk, j C η2 k b∗k, j −1 H g Tk, j = ψk, j pk, j where the scaling factors ψ1,1 , .

2 Mean Square Error Duality for Linear Transceivers 25 A AH = C η ⇔ Ak AH k = C η k ∀k ∈ {1, . . 13) Ak = C η2 k 1 1 ,H that satisfies C η2 k C η2 k = C ηk . 11), the channel matrices of the dual MIMO MAC have to be chosen such that − 1 ,H H k = H kBC,H C ηk2 . 14) For uncorrelated noise terms η 1 , . . , η K in the BC with identity covariance matrix, the MAC channels are simply the Hermitian BC channels. 9). BC Synopsis: For any MIMO BC with channel matrices H BC 1 , . . , H K and arbitrary linear transmit and receive filters there exists a dual MIMO MAC with channel matrices − 1 ,H H k = H kBC,H C ηk2 ∀k such that if an overall sum MSE in the BC is feasible, it is also achievable in the dual MAC with the same amount of total transmit power.

K }. 75) Summing up, the BC to MAC rate duality conversion achieves data rates exactly matching the BC mutual information when the receive filters G 1 , . . , G K are applied in the dual MAC and separate stream decoding is used. In addition, the values for the mutual information in the dual MAC are larger than or equal to the ones in the original BC. Synopsis: The BC to MAC conversion constitutes one direction of the rate duality for linear transceivers. Although it is seldomly applied in practice, it represents one part of the rate duality which enables us to tackle a ratebased optimization problem posed in the MIMO BC in its dual MIMO MAC.

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