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By Sergio Conti, Klaus Hackl

This booklet addresses the necessity for a primary knowing of the actual foundation, the mathematical habit and the numerical remedy of versions which come with microstructure. best scientists current their efforts regarding mathematical research, numerical research, computational mechanics, fabric modelling and test. The mathematical analyses are in accordance with tools from the calculus of diversifications, whereas within the numerical implementation worldwide optimization algorithms play a important function. The modeling covers all size scales, from the atomic constitution as much as macroscopic samples. the improvement of the versions ware guided by means of experiments on unmarried and polycrystals and effects may be checked opposed to experimental data.

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We conclude this section by pointing out the fundamental mechanism which relates nonconvex energies to oscillations in minimizing sequences. A typical shape of the energy density W as it appears frequently in nonlinear elasticity theory can be seen in Fig. e. t → Ft ∈ Rn×n for a scalar parameter t ∈ R. Assume that this curve is in fact a rank-one line, in the sense that Ft = A + tR with F0 = A, F1 = B and F1 − F0 = R = a ⊗ b for some a, b ∈ Rn with |b| = 1. Then it is possible to construct for each convex combination F = λ F0 + (1 − λ )F1 with λ ∈ (0, 1) and every k ∈ N a Lipschitz-function uk on (0, 1)n with ∇uk ∈ {F0 , F1 } for almost every x ∈ (0, 1)n .

4 Experimental pictures using a combination of digital image correlation and electron backscattering defraction. Reproduced from [DDMR09, Fig. 5] with permission from Elsevier. We also refer to [DRMD15] in this volume for an explanation of the experimental techniques and detailed findings. 3 Simple Laminates in Shear Experiments in Crystal Plasticity Plastic deformation of crystals is due to the sliding of neighboring atomic planes with respect to each other, mediated by the motion of dislocations.

Sci. : Variational modeling of slip: From crystal plasticity to geological strata. , Conti, S. ) Analysis and Computation of Microstructure in Finite Plasticity. LNACM, vol. 78, pp. 31–62. : Guaranteed lower eigenvalue bounds for the biharmonic equation. Numer. Math. : Mixed finite element method for a degenerate convex variational problem from topology optimization. SIAM J. Numer. Anal. : Elements of nonlinear analysis. Birkh¨auser Advanced Texts: Basler Lehrb¨ucher. [Birkh¨auser Advanced Texts: Basel Textbooks].

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