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M. and stays at the Hotel Alibert, where he joins GG. 9 Sightseeing at the Vatican, the Sistine Chapel and the Colosseum. W. Hornung. April 12 (Tues) Leaves Rome and travels to Naples. 14 By steamboat to Capri. 20 Returns to Naples from Capri. 25 To Versuvius. 27 To Pompeii. May 3 (Tues) Leaves Pompeii for Naples. 4 Naples to Florence. m. en route for Chiasso and Lugano. 9 To Lucerne. 10 To Brussels en route for England. m. ' June 1 (Wed) Writes to Briggs complaining he was not consulted over revised edition of TBB.

20 With ACR cycles to Seaford, Sussex, where he suffers a severe breakdown in health. Remains at Seaford for three weeks convalescing. August 9 (Tues) Arrives at New Romney, where he is looked after by GG's friend and doctor, Henry Hick. Confined to bed for remainder of month. During August writes an illustrated story, The Adventures of Tommy, to amuse Hick's daughter Marjorie (published in facsimile in 1929). ' 29 Moves to Beach Cottage, Granville Road, Sandgate. October 'Miss Winchelsea's Heart' in Queen.

21 (Wed) With ACR travels to Petersfield, Hampshire, en route for Budleigh Salterton, where they have arranged to meet GG. 26 Arrives at Budleigh Salterton and stays in lodgings at Spa Cottage. May Publication of PSO. 'The Crystal Egg' in New Review. 'A Story of the Stone Age' begins serialisation in Idler. Begins work on WSW. 14 (Fri) Tells Pinker WSW 'is to be the culmination of my career'. 17 Leaves Budleigh Salterton and travels to Torcross, thence on foot to Dartmouth. 19 Travels by steamboat from Dartmouth to Totnes, thence by train to Buckfastleigh.

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