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By Guruji Naushir

Amrit originates from Sanskrit amrita, this means that immortal. Amrit - the ebook on your hand is a piece of deep love and knowledge from the immortal sage Mahavtar Babaji as communicated to Guruji Naushir. it's a advisor for functional spirituality choked with incisive insights and spiced with love and humour. It touches all facets of lifestyles and enumerates on scorching to be on the earth, yet now not OF this global; making our trip in the world balanced, relaxing and elevating.

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He has given us the strength to tide over major setbacks in our lives. He knows that we will remain committed and will do whatever is required to spread HIS work, as passed on to us through Guruji Naushir. Serving as a Brigadier in the Indian Army has taken me to all corners of India. Strangely I got posted to all the places where we could contribute in the relief measures during all major disasters that have taken place in India in last ten years; namely Orissa Super Cyclone, Bhuj Earth Quake and the Tsunami of 2008.

Guruji’s Answer: In response to a query I had suggested earlier that severing ties with your tormenter is one option you have. However, it may not be practical to do so in every case. You have to take a call on this option after reviewing your individual circumstances. If you are going to be worse off cutting ties with the tormentor then, you should try other methods to reduce the pain including becoming mentally stronger and emotionally independent. I agree that when you are hurt you are most likely to react and add to your negative Karma, so keeping a rather long distance from your tormentor (where cutting ties is not possible) would be advisable even in relationships that come with ‘heavy tags’.

Every individual would like to believe that he or she is nearly flawless, everyone around us simply has too many blemishes that need our immediate involvement for some kind of suitable correction. And so we go about wasting all our time trying to change the people around us with zero rate of success. The reason is change must come from within. If change is enforced from outside it is always temporary. Therefore, the only person you can change for the better is yourself and nobody else. Since there are billions of individuals on this planet, I cannot possibly cover every area of change a person could bring about for themselves.

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