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A yr via yr consultant to the Evolution of conflict

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M. on 29 April and led them out after midnight. m. they stopped to brew coffee and eat breakfast but before they could eat they discovered that a large body of Mexican cavalry was approaching them. Estimating their number at around 800 strong, Captain Danjou realized he could not outrun them, nor could he defeat them in the open, so he ordered his men back up the road to a farm known as the Hacienda Camarone. net fixed, the legionnaires charged toward the buildings and most made it to the hacienda, escaping the lances of the Mexicans.

Banks, commander of the Army of the Gulf, arrived in the town on 25 April 1864 he discovered the river level far too low for his gunboats to continue on down to the Mississippi. Banks was ordered to advance up the Red river from southern Louisiana and capture Shreveport, Louisiana. He came within 35 miles (56 km) of the town when he was defeated in the Battle of Mansfield at Sabine Crossroads on 8 April 1864. The next day he fended off the Rebel pursuit of his retreating army at the Battle of Pleasant Hill and continued his withdrawal until he reached Alexandria.

The Federal squadron sailed up the main ship channel, which carried them between Fort Moultrie and Fort Sumter. The lead monitor, the USS Weehawken, pushed a raft that would be used to sweep aside any torpedo mines, but as she neared the bombardment position, lookouts spotted a very dangerous obstacle, consisting of nets and cables studded with torpedo mines. The Federal squadron halted and the Rebel batteries opened fire. The guns blazed away for about an hour and the New Ironsides and the Keokuk were heavily battered, while the monitors got off more lightly.

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