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By Bernd Jurgen Fischer

"Analyzes the German profession of Albania in the course of global struggle II, rectifying a part century of amnesia and mythmaking by way of Marxist and nationalist histories and lengthening figuring out of the connection among the 3rd Reich and wartime Albania. comprises b&w ancient pictures. Fischer is a professor of background at Indiana University-Purdue University." - ebook information, Inc.

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57 Following the presentation of these demands, Jacomoni made it clear to Zog that the situation was now extremely serious. The king was given a simple choice. If he accepted the demands, Ciano would go to Tirana to attend the solemn ceremony of signing the treaty, accompanied by a strong squadron of planes to emphasize the new relationship. 58 The king, recognizing that the Italians had taken a step backward, or perhaps fearing that the time had come for international help, finally broke his silence, informing the American minister not only of the Italian demands but of his specific reaction to these demands.

After the dust had settled, Ciano was forced to reevaluate his position. "43 The count also decided that it was now imperative to move as quickly as possible on his Albanian project, and he hoped to begin the project by the first week in April. Ciano's new urgency stemmed primarily from the knowledge that the Yugoslavs now knew the plan, and he feared that rumors regarding the under- Page 16 taking would spread far and quickly. The count also feared that the pro-Western Cvetkovic might move closer to Britain and France and perhaps attempt to come to some understanding with the Albanians.

In conjunction with the Duce, the count drew up a new set of conditions that Zog was expected to accept, since they supposedly allowed the king to save face. These new demands were somewhat less onerous than the first set and included (1) control of all ports, communications, roads, and airfields in the event it appeared that Albanian independence was in danger; (2) an Italian organizer in each Albanian ministry who would have the rank of minister ranking immediately below the Albanian minister; (3) Italians in Albania would have equal civil and political rights with the Albanians; (4) the raising of the Italian Legation in Tirana and the Albanian Legation in Rome to the status of embassies.

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