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Period is the time between the 50% threshold crossings of two consecutive, like-polarity edges.

Normal In the normal waveform mode, a waveform data point is displayed for at least 10 ms or one trigger cycle then erased. If no further triggers occur, the last acquisition is left on the display. This is the default setting. Use this mode for the fastest display update rate. Accumulate Accumulate is most like infinite persistence. In the accumulate waveform mode, a waveform sample point is displayed until settings are changed. All sample points are shown at full intensity. Use accumulate to measure jitter or eye diagrams, see a waveform's envelope, look for timing violations, and find infrequent events.

5. Select the Group Run or Run All button to start the acquisition. 6. To view the waveforms together, open the display tool. • For a Waveform display, select one of the labels and choose Insert before... or Insert after.... In the Label Dialog, select the label you want to insert, then select the Apply button. • For the other tools, the oscilloscope labels are already available. 35 Chapter 1: Agilent Technologies 16533/34A Digitizing Oscilloscope Combining the Oscilloscope with a Logic Analyzer Logic Analyzer Triggers Oscilloscope NOTE: When the logic analyzer triggers the oscilloscope, if you are changing oscilloscope settings when the trigger occurs it may be missed.

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