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By A. Strang, William M. Banks, R. D. Conroy, M. J. Goulette

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4 Derwent v. improved, with the Derwent V having almost twice the thrust of the original Derwent I, all within 15 months of the Derwent's first flight test. The Derwent V was based on the larger Nene engine designed to satisfy a Ministry requirement for a 4000 lb turbojet. Rolls-Royce embarked on this challenge and within five months were testing the most powerful aircraft engine in the world at 5000 lbs of thrust from an engine weighing only 18 Proceedings of the 4th International Charles Parsons Turbine Conference Fig.

The work of Whittle. and Griffiths formed the basis of most of the subsequent innovation in gas turbines, Fig. 6. Advances in Turbine Materials, Design and Manufacturing 19 British production turbojet - W28/Meteor gas turbine powered airliner to fly - ViscounUDarts non rotor vertical take-off aircraft - Flying bedstead bypass turbofan engine - Conway cooled turbine blade first true vertical take-off flight three shaft turbofan in airline service supersonic snubberless airliner in service wide chord fan blade enters service engine certified at 90,OOOlbs thrust Fig.

Rolls-Royce is participating in both teams competing for the concept-demonstration phase-Lockheed Martin and Boeing, each with different engine configurations, Fig. 22. Lockheed Martin is pursuing a Shaft Driven Lift Fan concept where a lift fan, only used during take-off and landing, is mounted behind the pilot and driven by a shaft attached to the main engine LP spool. Boeing's Direct Lift concept is similar to the Harrier, vectoring the main engine thrust down to the vertical and beyond using nozzles that swivel but, unlike the Harrier, reverting to a conventional exhaust system in normal flight.

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