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By Mirsad Hadžikadić, Samir Avdaković

This quantity spans quite a lot of technical disciplines and applied sciences, together with complicated platforms, biomedical engineering, electric engineering, power, telecommunications, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and machine technological know-how. The papers integrated during this quantity have been provided on the overseas Symposium on cutting edge and Interdisciplinary functions of complex applied sciences (IAT), held in Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina on June 26 and 27, 2016. This hugely interdisciplinary quantity is dedicated to numerous facets and kinds of platforms. structures considering is important for effectively construction and realizing man-made, common, and social structures.

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We will make a practical assumption that the corresponding target signatures form sets of independent stochastic processes, or at least uncorrelated (orthogonal) processes. For example we correlate X(1, j) with X(2, j), then with X (3, j), and with X(4, j), assuming the same pose angle j, against independence or uncorrelated (orthogonal) assumption. Each of correlations produces an envelope for 274 poses, for total of 4 envelopes. In view of that, we use cross covariance and correlations to test lack of correlation, and also classic Chi-square and newly introduced Brownian Distance Covariance [19], to test for independence among various target signatures.

The wavelet transform (WT) introduces a useful representation of a function in the time-frequency domain [5–7]. Basically, a wavelet is a function w ¼ L2 ðRÞ with a zero average: Z1 wðtÞdt ¼ 0: ð1Þ À1 Continuous Wavelet transform (CWT) is applied (using Morlet wavelet function) for analysis of EEG signals. Global Wavelet Spectrum is used for discrimination between healthy and epileptic patients. A multiresolution is relation between time and frequency resolution. Signal database set consist of 5 patients: • 2—healthy patients; • 3—patients with epileptic syndrome—study state.

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