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By Himanshu Bhatnagar

Advanced ASIC Chip Synthesis: utilizing Synopsys® Design Compiler® actual Compiler® and PrimeTime®, Second Edition describes the complicated strategies and strategies used in the direction of ASIC chip synthesis, actual synthesis, formal verification and static timing research, utilizing the Synopsys suite of instruments. furthermore, the full ASIC layout circulate technique distinctive for VDSM (Very-Deep-Sub-Micron) applied sciences is roofed intimately.
The emphasis of this publication is on real-time software of Synopsys instruments, used to strive against a variety of difficulties obvious at VDSM geometries. Readers might be uncovered to an efficient layout technique for dealing with complicated, sub-micron ASIC designs. value is put on HDL coding types, synthesis and optimization, dynamic simulation, formal verification, DFT test insertion, hyperlinks to structure, actual synthesis, and static timing research. At each one step, difficulties similar to every part of the layout stream are pointed out, with suggestions and work-around defined intimately. moreover, an important matters similar to format, including clock tree synthesis and back-end integration (links to format) also are mentioned at size. in addition, the publication comprises in-depth discussions at the foundation of Synopsys expertise libraries and HDL coding types, specific in the direction of optimum synthesis resolution.
objective audiences for this publication are practising ASIC layout engineers and masters point scholars project complex VLSI classes on ASIC chip layout and DFT ideas.

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