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By Dorothy E. McBride

This paintings is a balanced presentation of the pro-life/pro-choice controversy, displaying all facets of the talk and why it's so tricky to resolve.

• fundamental assets contain excerpts from significant splendid complaints, legislative accounts and legislation glided by Congress, and ancient documents

• offers tables displaying states' legislation on abortion and public opinion on a variety of points of the abortion controversy

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Page, Christina. How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America: Freedom, Politics, and the War on Sex. New York: Basic Books, 2006. Reagan, Leslie J. When Abortion Was a Crime: Women, Medicine, and Law in the United States, 1867–73. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1998. Staggenborg, Suzanne. The Pro-Choice Movement. Organization and Activism in the Abortion Conflict. New York: Oxford University Press, 1991. Tarrow, Sidney. Power in Movement: Social Movements, Collective Action and Politics.

Opponents of legal abortion spoke for the rights of the unborn to prevail; many equated all abortion with murder. Finally, the Supreme Court agreed to consider the constitutional issues and issued its decisions on the status of both the nineteenth-century criminal laws and the more recent ALI-style reform laws in 1973. These cases—Roe v. S. 113) and Doe v. S. 179)—mark the end of the movements for reform and repeal and the beginning of the contemporary abortion conflict in the United States. The impact of these movements has been enormous and will be the subject of Chapter 2.

Her answers about abortion cases in the hearings were vague, and most assumed she would support the pro-life position. And indeed, in the first abortion case after her appointment, she joined the minority opposing the Roe position. In City of Akron v. S. 416, 1983), the Court struck down five sections of a city ordinance, including requiring parental consent and a twenty-four-hour waiting period, because they restricted a woman’s right to obtain an abortion. ” The antiabortion tally on the Court was now three.

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