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Maitreya] says, Here is the compilation of knowledge marks based on allknowledge: knowledge of the appearance of the Tathagata, of the non-crumbling nature of the world, of the thought activities of beings, of that [thought when it is] collected, when it wanders outside, of [its] inextinguishable aspect, when it is with and without greed, of consciousness that has expanded, gotten bigger, is unlimited, without indication, of thought that is imperceptible, when it is called unraveling and so on, and also, other than those, knowledge of the suchness aspect [of these thoughts], as well as knowledge of the Sage's understanding of suchness and communicatipn of it to others.

Going forth (niryana) practice is where he again uses the example of a person who definitely emerges. (niryana) from a wild jungle many hundreds of miles wide to teach that they pass beyond impediments to dharma. Practice without impediments is where he uses the example of persons traveling to the ocean for the continual appearance of signs when they are near. Practice when enlightenment is near is where he uses the example of trees with withered leaves and stems to teach that the basis (asraya) is the site (adhara) for new dharmas without outflows.

This is where he says that earlier, when they coursed in the Perfection of Wisdom, they produced a confident realiza­ tion too quickly. That hinders them talking [clearly about the Perfection of Wisdom now]. Third is the three, bad, physical behavior habits. This is where he says that if [Bodhisattvas] yawn, laugh, or cause somebody to suppress laughter (uccagghaya)22 when copy­ ing it is unsuitable physical behavior that hinders [the Per­ fection of Wisdom]. They "cause somebody to suppress laughter" when their body or something connected with their own body affects (niranjana) somebody else's body.

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