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By Charles I. Abramson

This paintings presents a methodological creation to the research of invertebrate studying. It goals to offer readers an figuring out of the foundations of sound experimental layout and of a few primary concerns within the research of behaviour. It contains questions and lists of assets and fabrics.

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Chapter 3 in this volume provides numerous examples of apparatus developed for the study of invertebrate learning. The Ethological Strategy Ethology is generally defined as the study of animal behavior in the natural environment. Like comparative psychology, the creative force behind the development of ethology was Darwin’s theory of evolution. This familial relationship has suggested to some that comparative psychology and ethology are “twins reared apart” (Gray, 197’3). Like comparative psychology, ethology attempts to understand behavior from a number of perspectives, including ecological, functional, and physiological.

This represented the first comprehensive review of invertebrate learning since Volume 2 of Warden, Jenkins and Warner’s, Comparative Psychology (1940)-a span of 33 years. 1973. George Mpitsos and William Davis demonstrated taste aversion learning in the marine mollusc Pleurobranchaea. The ease of conditioning and the accessibility of the molluscan nervous system continue to make this animal one of the most popular in simple system research. 1974. Daniel Alkon (1974) demonstrated the suppression of phototaxis by associative learning in the nudibranch mollusc HermzSsendu.

In the same year, H. J. Curtis and K. S. ) However, World War I1 delayed publication until 1945 (Hodgkin & Huxley, 1945). @a 1965. Eric Kandel and Ladislav Tauc (1965) studied neuronal analogues of classical conditioning in Aplysia. Their success in exploiting the Aplysia nervous system for studies of learning and memory helped to establish and stimulate the growth of the “simple systems” approach to behavior analysis. Subsequent research established Aplysia as one of the most important sources of information about the neuronal mechanisms of learning.

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