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In precisely over every week, a bunch of unpaid expert and citizen reporters who met on Twitter created a publication to elevate cash for jap crimson go earthquake and tsunami aid efforts. as well as essays, paintings and images submitted by means of humans worldwide, together with those that persevered the catastrophe and reporters who coated it, 2:46: Aftershocks: tales from the Japan Earthquake includes a piece through Yoko Ono, and paintings created particularly for the publication by way of authors William Gibson, Barry Eisler and Jake Adelstein.

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Lovely four-color candid doggie mug shots Photographer and animal coach Barbara O’Brien has spent years photographing aspiring canines actors, from prancing doggies to stately hounds and tenacious terriers. before everything, she discarded the pictures if her topic was once barking, sniffing, or in a different way having a look below perfect—until she learned that these outtakes top printed the genuine character of the doggy.

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Petersen, Christine. Alternative Energy (True Books). New York: Children’s Press, 2004. Povey, Karen D. Biofuels (Our Environment). San Diego: KidHaven Press, 2006. Roa, Michael L. Environmental Science Activities Kit: Ready-To-Use Lessons, Labs and Worksheets for Grades 7–12. West Nyack, NY: Center for Applied Research in Education, Jossey-Bass Press, 1993. doe. org/ POWER UP! Bio-fuels 31 Index air pollution, 5, 9, 29 bio-deisel, 6 bio-fuels, 5 bio-methane, 6, 27 animals creating, 17, 24 collecting methane, 20–22 greenhouse gas, 15–16 landfills and, 18, 23 rice and, 18–19 biomass, 5 Brazil, 12, 26–28 byproducts, 14 capacity, 12 catalyst, 7 coal, 5, 25–26 cooking oil, 7 corn, 4, 5, 12 cows, 17, 24 landfills, 12, 18, 23 manure, 5, 17, 22, 24 Mexico, 6 Model T automobile, 10–11 termites, 17, 29 Texas, 22 tidal power, 5 Venezuela, 6 wheat, 10 wind power, 5 natural gas, 25 New York, 22 Nigeria, 6 permafrost, 16 petroleum, 4, 6, 24, 29 plastic, 14 rainforest, 28–29 recycling programs, 23 rice, 18–19, 22 decompose, 18 deisel engines, 8 Deisel, Rudolph, 8 erosion of soil, 14 ethanol, 6, 11–14, 27–29 fermented sugar, 11 Ford, Henry, 10–11 gasoline, 11 greenhouse gas, 15–16, 25 Saudi Arabia, 6 sewage, 20–21 solar power, 5 soybeans, 5 spontaneous fires, 18 sugar, 11 sugar cane, 5, 26–27 Sweden, 26–27 switchgrass, 13–14 About the Author Frank Muschal lives in Chicago with his elderly cat, Agatha.

Altogether, bio-fuels are good for us and our planet. POWER UP! Bio-fuels 29 Glossary bio-diesel (BAHY-oh DEE-suhl) fuel for diesel engines produced from crops such as corn, wheat, etc. bio-fuels (BAHY-oh FYOO-uhlz) types of fuels made from crops, trash, etc. biomass (BAHY-oh-mas) large amount of material that will be used to make bio-fuel bio-methane (BAHY-oh METH-eyn) specific type of methane fuel made from bio-fuels byproducts (bahy-PROD-uhkts) products that occur incidentally during the purposeful manufacture of another product capacity (kuh-PAS-i-tee) maximum amount that a container can hold catalyst (KAT-l-ist) substance that speeds up a chemical reaction between other substances without being changed itself decompose (dee-kuhm-POHZ) to break down from a complex organism into its more basic forms erosion (i-ROH-zhuhn) washing away of topsoil by moving water ethanol (ETH-uh-nawl) colorless, flammable liquid that can be used as a bio-fuel fermented (fer-MENT-ed) chemically changed by microorganisms permafrost (PUR-muh-frawst) permanently frozen soil that covers about 85 percent of Alaska and more than half of Canada and Russia petroleum (puh-TROH-lee-uhm) oil below the Earth’s crust that can be refined into gasoline and other products recycling programs (ree-SAHY-kuhl-ng PROH-grams) official plans to collect and reuse certain types of trash spontaneous (spon-TEY-nee-uhs) occurring without any apparent outside cause 30 21st CENTURY SKILLS LIBRARY Additional Resources Books Gifford, Clive.

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