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By Sherman Hollar

Age variety: eight - 12 Years

Table of Contents

Introduction 6

Chapter 1 the diversity of Animal existence 12

Chapter 2 class and behaviour 33

Chapter three Animals with no Backbones 50

Chapter four Animals with Backbones 61

Conclusion 75

Glossary 77

For additional information 80

Bibliography 83

Index 84

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In most cases, additional tooth marks are not seen. Bites by the elapid snakes (cobras, mambas, tiger snake, taipan, coral snakes, and related species) usually produce one or two small puncture wounds, although occasionally there may be one or two additional punctures. Sea snake bites are characterized by multiple (2 to 20) pinhead-sized puncture wounds. In some cases the teeth may be broken off and remain in the wound. Proper identification of fang or tooth marks may be complicated in those cases where skin tears result from jerking an extremity away during the biting act.

Once the symptoms of paralysis have progressed to the point of impairing normal respiration, antivenom will not be able to reverse this effect. Respiratory paralysis can last for several days, resulting in the need for artificial respiration. ), should be treated with antivenom immediately. Even if administered prior to the onset (or at the earliest onset) of these symptoms, antivenom may not stop the progression of paralysis and aggressive supportive therapy (artificial respiration) may be necessary for up to several days.

Swaroop, S. and B. Grab. 1954. Snakebite Mortality in the World. Bulletin of the World Health Organization, 10 35-76. Eyelash Viper, Bothriechis schlegeli, red phase CHAPTER 2 PRECAUTIONS TO AVOID SNAKEBITE The best way to keep from being bitten by snakes is to avoid them. ” When in a snake-infested country, it is important to: 1. Remember that snakes are probably more afraid of humans than humans are of snakes. Given the chance snakes will usually retreat to avoid an encounter. 2. Learn to recognize the venomous snakes in the area of operation.

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