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Scala is a brand new programming language constructed by means of Martin Odersky and his group on the EPFL. The identify Scala is derived from Sca(lable) La(nguage). Scala is a multi-paradigm language, incorporating item orientated techniques with sensible programming. even though a few familiarity with average computing ideas is believed (such because the inspiration of compiling a application and executing this compiled shape, etc.) and with simple procedural language techniques (such as variables and allocation of values to variables) the early chapters of the publication don't think any familiarity with item orientation nor practical programming. those chapters additionally step via different recommendations with which the reader will not be normal (such as checklist processing). From this historical past, John Hunt presents a pragmatic creation to item and practical expertise utilizing Scala, one of many most recent and best programming languages to be had. quite a few ideas are brought via functional event taking the reader past the extent of the language syntax to the philosophy and perform of object-oriented improvement and practical programming. scholars, and people actively keen on the software program will locate this entire advent to Scala and to item orientation and sensible programming, invaluable.

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Separately we could have bowls containing chocolate chips, mint chips, M&Ms, sprinkles of various types. We can combine the Vanilla Ice Cream with the mint chips to create Vanilla Mint Chip Ice Cream. This provides a new type of ice cream but those mint choc chips are not in and of themselves an ice cream. Traits are like the mint chocolate chips, while classes are like the ice cream. 3 Functional Programming So much for the Object Oriented view of Scala, what about this Functional Programming concept?

This class would possess an additional instance variable, to simplify object identification. If they are all instances of a common class, they must all behave in exactly the same way. , so it must possess a different definition of working? 9 Summary 31 SimulationClass name: '' traceMessages() Switches Component state moveUp() moveDown() state? Waterbottle state level working? empty() fill() extract() (fuse) (relay) (water bottle) (switches) Motor working? Pump working? (motor) class instance (pump) inheritance instance of Fig.

If we examine each object in our system and identify the required services, we may end up with the following table: We generated this table by examining each of the objects in isolation to identify the services that might reasonably be required. We may well identify further services when we attempt to put it all together. Each of these services should relate to a method within the object. 2 Object services Object Service Switch moveUp moveDown state? Fuse working? Wiper motor working? Relay working?

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