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By Mia Zachary

Jordan Gregory wishes a 10 Day Fiancé. Danny Navarro has an 8 Date Rule. After an unintentional kidnapping and an evening they're going to always remember, he is of the same opinion to a pretend engagement, yet provided that she has the same opinion to offer herself to him ‘anytime, wherever, anyhow’. Jordan is greater than keen to play Danny’s video game, yet all at once he desires ten days to turn into ceaselessly.

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His brother David’s girlfriend. “KRISSY LYNN. ” Jordan leaned back in the conference room chair and watched her newest client, Susan Brandywine, pace the expensive wool carpeting. ” Susan batted her eyelashes exaggeratedly. “And get this, she’s all of twenty-five years old. ” Susan had been the female anchor on the WBNS nightly news team for ten years. After a messy and painful divorce, she began suffering from depression and put on some weight. At that point, she was shuffled from the prominent evening slot to a position reading the midday news.

Her sister was, and always would be, the golden ideal she could never attain. Growing up in Camryn’s svelte shadow hadn’t been easy. Chubby and shy, she’d wanted so badly to be included in her sister’s charmed circle but, knowing she could never fit in, had found solace in food. Any kind of food. Every kind of food. She often wondered if there’d been a switch at the hospital where she was born. Her parents, sister and two brothers were all attractive, outgoing, charismatic. And then there was her.

Jordan stood in front of the bedroom mirror and stared at her reflection, the corners of her mouth tightening into a frown. Her pudgy-cheeked face sat like a full moon above her double chin and nonexistent neck. Thick shoulders rolled down to full breasts, a protruding belly, wide hips and heavy legs. She saw each bowl of ice cream she’d ever eaten, every chocolate bar and slice of pound cake. In that reflection, she saw shyness and envy, loneliness and disinterest. She saw every hope, every rejection and failure.

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